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 "Bill is absolutely amazing at everything he does, and he does do everything! From being the officiant, to lighting, to DJing the best party, to answering any and every possible question, everything is done to the utmost perfection. Bill has such a passion for what he does, and you can really feel that when he's around. All night the guests were telling us how awesome he was, and what a great job he was doing. I could not possibly recommend anyone other than Bill for all, or any of your wedding needs. He is the best!"

~Hailey and Lyndsey Holder Sept 24 2011 ( review)

 "So much was happening and I was so excited that I am sure I forgot to thank you properly.  I did not forget, however, your memorable ceremony and all your good wishes.  Thank you so much for all your personal attention and guidance throughout the entire night.  Everything went as planned thanks to you and your ability to make a wedding into a dream come true!"

~Jody & Gord Belzile Aug 12 2011

"Eight years ago today (August 30 2003) you had my family dancing up a storm at the Cambrian Foundation. Thanks for the memories of a great night which started with my hubbie asking me to "Come Away With Me". I can't believe it was 8 years ago already!" 

~Kristin Bradley Schafer August 30 2011

"Bill you were amazing! Thank you so much for everything. Jamil and I really appreciated the hard work you put in into making our wedding the best day ever!"

~Danielle & Jamil Malakieh
July 23 2011

"On behalf of my new wife and I we sincerely thank you for all that you have done over that past months to make this day as memorable as it was.  We heard from a number of our guests that this was the best wedding they had ever attended.  Everyone thourougly enjoyed the music as you seen the dance floor was packed all night.  The way you interacted with our guests and transitions from one event to the other was perfect.  The Thunderstruck kick off was amongst the coolest things we have ever witnessed at a wedding and Im sure I can speak for most of our guests due to the fact they were all coming up, telling us how awesome that was.  From start to finish the party was rockin and that exactly how we wanted it.  Thanks again for all your hard work."

~Jeff and Angele Mousseau July 9 2011

Bill, you are THE BEST! You truly understands the individual needs of each bride and groom and deliver more than you could ever imagine. You make sure that every person at the wedding is having a good time and ensure that everyone from little children to grandparents feel included.

~Steve and Emily Proulx July 2 2011

"Megan and I want to thank you again for the wedding, it was a blast, everyone said it was the best wedding that they ever been too, and we're so glad you were apart of it.  We are getting endless texts and emails of people asking us your name because they want to hire you, Megan and I said you're the best, so we are trying to hook you up with some more gigs.  Keep in touch!"

~ Megan and Ryan Lalande June 4 2011

"You made our night so much more extra special. You are a consummate performer, a Gentleman of the highest order, a real romantic and a gifted Craftsman. Thank you."

~ Dan and Shelley Rowe

"We are so thankful to have had you be a part of our special day. You were amazing, and we could not have asked for a better DJ/entertainer!  Thanks again!"

~ Amanda and Paul Brouillette

"You are very professional in what you do and you can tell that you take entertainment services very serious but have fun with it at the same time. You made my groom and I feel comfortable and less stressed throughout the night, as our MC and as our DJ.  The way you did my moms request for me was absolutely the best part of the night. The idea of the prerecorded words that my mom said after we danced to a mother/daughter song was absolutely fantastic. From me thinking at first that a mother/daughter dance was a bit weird, but I was going to do it because this was my moms only request, and I am her only child, you came up with an idea that just blew me away, made me feel comfortable and it was very heartfelt.
So i just wanted to say thanks Bill, for the fabulous night of entertainment. Our guests had many good comments about your personality, style of entertainment and music choices. On behalf of my husband and me, we would personally recommend you to our friends and family. Thanks Bill!" 

~Melissa and Nathan April 9, 2011

"Bill ... Melodie and I want to thank you for everything you did to make our wedding day that much more special. You did exactly what we asked for .... created a wedding that people would be talking about ... and I can't count how many times we've heard that our wedding was the best one and most fun they've ever been to. Thank you so much."
~ Greg and Melody Larocque

"Thank you for a great reception Bill! We received countless compliments and we know that it wouldn't have been so amazing without you there! Thank you for all your hard work and for making it such a fun and memorable night for Matt and I! Our guests loved you!!! :)"
~ Matt & Jennifer Seabrook

"Thank you so much Bill for everything you did for us.  You made sure our day was fun, unique and memorable.  People are still talking about our reception and say this was by far the best reception.  They all want your info because you are the one that made our reception.  You met all our expectations and then went above and beyond.  You are amazing at what you do!" 
~ Tyler and Krystal Lance

"We truly enjoyed every step of the process leading up to our special day and appreciate the extra lengths you went to make our wedding dreams come true!"
~ Kaylee & Claude

"No words can describe how much we appreciate you.  The way you pulled through last minute and still excelled at the entertainment you provided--just amazing!  We will never forget you and how you saved our special day.  We are still talking about our party!"
~ Angelina and Jason

"Wow!  Natalie and I can't thank you enough for transforming a special day into something extra-special.  We have received countless compliments about our wedding and reception.  You truly went above and beyond on our wedding day.  From start to finish it was everything you promised and more!"
~ Lawrence and Natalie Belanger

"Just wanted to say thanks for making Aimie and Chris's night special.  You made the evening so enjoyable and so much fun.  We received so many compliments about the reception.  You made everyone relaxed and kept things running smoothly and on time.  My family and friends will be talking about it for a long time."
~ Al and Peggy Stonier

"Thank you again for a wonderful evening.  It would have not been the same without you.  We especially loved when you played back clips from the speeches.  What a wonderful surprise!"
~ Christine and Al Chevrier

"On behalf of the Professional Wedding Planners Conference 2008, I would like to thank you for going above and beyond what was expected.  We appreciate the work you did and your charismatic personality."
~ Christine Panourgias

"All we can say is WOW!  We can't thank you enough for the amazing entertainment you provided at our wedding.  Friends and family are still commenting.  You made the day even more special and memorable than we imagined.You have truly found your calling!"
~ Rob and Lisa Menard

"Ray and I just wanted to thank you once again for enhancing our dream day.  The party took off without a hitch and people had so much fun.  It turned out exactly how I hoped it would."
~ Andrea and Ray Smith

"Thank you so much for making our reception the most memorable night of our lives!  You are so amazing at what you really is a gift you have.  Thank you for the basket as well.  Just another reason why you're the best."
~ Gennevieve Dupont

"We'd like to thank you for making our wedding more wonderful than we could ever have imagined.  You were always one step ahead of everyone, making sure we were all happy and entertained."
~ Shawn and Francine Quesnel

"We both want to thank you for sharing your time and your talent with us for adding to our wedding day in such a special way.  The entertainment that you provided was truly memorable and fun.  You truly have a great talent."
~ Cheri and Kevin Roberts

"Thank you for the advice, the help, the counseling, the hugs and of course the music and entertainment.  Thank you for participating in our "Medieval Theme" and feasting like the good old days!"
~ Clifton and Lynne Burnham

"We would like to say thank you very much for making our day perfect.   We received a lot of compliments about you.  We couldn't ask for anything better."
~ Ed and Sarah Sviekas

"As I was lying in bed later that night around 4:30AM I remember thinking back to their last dance and the speeches replaying and the tears began falling on my pillow.  This will always be a special memory for me as well as for Landa and Marty."
~ Bonnie and George Caldwell

"Rod and I want to thank you for your time and effort in making our day a memorable one!!  Your creativity will never be forgotten.  We've had many people tell us what a fantastic time they had.  I haven't laughed so much like the way they did that night."
~ Carrie and Rod Restoule

"Thank you very much for the outstanding job you did for us.  We have never seen anything like it and we really loved it!  We have never heard so many compliments about a DJ as we did about you.  You are definitely more than a DJ and we are truly thankful."
~ Elyisa and Paulo Pasutto

"Thank you so much for making our day unforgettable!  You did an amazing job! You also received tons of compliments.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and we hope you did as well."
~ Lisa and Brad Diplock

"We would like to thank you so much for the job you did at our wedding.  We received so many compliments on the reception.  You did an amazing job with the Love Story!  We couldn't have asked for a better DJ!"
~ Dan and Crystal Frappier

"Just wanted to say thanks for making Aimie and Chris's night so special.  It was a blast from beginning to end!  My family and friends will be talking about it for a long time.  Thanks for an excellent job above and beyond!"
~ Al and Peggy Stonier

"Words cannot express the gratitude we have for your kindness, thoughtfulness and for making our reception an evening we will treasure forever.  Your way of doing, your peaceful presence and your sense of humour made us feel so at ease and so happy we got to enjoy our evening and celebrate our love!  Your words beforehand will remain in our lives.  Clause and I still plan dates.  Our family and friends were amazed by you!"
~ Claude and Angele St. Amour

"Thank you for making our wedding exactly what we dreamed it would be.  Our guests are absolutely amazed by your talent.  Every time someone mentions how much fun our wedding day was they mention you!  We'll recommend you to our friends and family in need of more than a DJ."
~ Stephanie and Aaron Vehkala

"Thank you for making this day special with all your added touches.  Your ability to calm people is wonderful."
~ Barbie and Sean Madigan

"You are the abolute best at what you do!  You single-handedly transformed our wedding reception from good to great!  No.  Make that awesome and memorable.  People are still talking about it!  Your added touches will always be remembered and appreciated."
~ Angele and Sylvain Ouellet

"Thank you so much for the terrific job you did on the occasion of our double wedding.  You energized the crowd from the beginning and the fun just kept happening.  Several people have told us it was the best wedding they were ever at!"
~ Reg and Helen Frappier