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The Jane Dayus-Hinch App!


Wedding S.O.S. host, media darling and Wedding Planner are just some of the titles she deserves.  Today she adds Cyber Planner to that list and resistance is futile.  Jane has created an app for your iPad or iPhone that will for the price of three Starbucks coffees will be an incredible asset to planning your perfect day.  Put her decades of experience, thousands of weddings and chutzpah to work for you! 

Just look for #1 Wedding Planner in the iTunes App Store of click here to go directly there.


Clients Can Inspire Creativity


Carolyn and Scott Rivers were so cute and excited when we sat down for our first consultation January 27 2010, eighteen months before their wedding day.   They had seen me perform as a DJ and MC at weddings before and this always poses a challenge for me since I never want my clients to get someone else's wedding.  It's not about the music, lights or decor because those are really surface and don't say much about the couple at all.  So it has to be about the content and the content has to be about the Bride and Groom.  We took hours in consultations solving their issues, designing a two venue itinerary (Sudbury/Copper Cliff) and fantasizing about how the day would go.

While watching wedding videos one night on YouTube (I'm a serious wedding geek) the idea came to me to make a video using the song Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and to use the making of the video as a thread that runs the entire day.  It would become another tool we could use to motivate the guests and create a new atmosphere of creativity.  In other words we told everyone to be hams! 

I'll save the details for when the video is done but suffice to say this one will be hard to top.  The guests had been warned and they came prepared to celebrate! Let's just say the highlights included everyone dancing out of the ceremony, the Father of the Bride mixing behind my console and seeing the Bride on roller skates!

All of the above lead to one of the most amazing reviews I've ever received.  "Bill completely surpassed what we thought would be a great wedding day.  He made it so much more amazing that it could have possibly been. He helped plan out the entire day and added his own personal charm to everything he did! We did not have to worry about a thing as we knew that we could trust him to make everything perfect! However you want your day to turn out, just say the word; fun, romantic, relaxing and he will make your dreams come true! He truly cares about you both as a couple and wants to make sure that you feel like you are a guest at your own wedding! We can't thank you enough Bill!!!!!

A special thanks to John Robbie of JoRo Photography for capturing my relationship with this couple perfectly.


The Best Thing to Happen to Science North

Last night we celebrated the marriage of Wynter and Tony Anzil and I must say I was a little nervous about it being the first run of the Restaurant Curious Thymes as caterer for the Inco Cavern at Science North.  There had to be some growing pains and if there were the guests never knew about it.

Vince, Chris and their staff pulled off probably the best level of service Science North has seen in a long time.  They overcame a new environement, a new Science North liason, absurd distance to the kitchen and a room that is known for a ridiculously short setup time to get high praise from the Bride and Groom.  Now I've been doing this a long time and participated in more than a hundred events there and was expecting some serious hiccups because catering really is hard.  The service was fast. The food was hot.  And the steak was so tender I didn't even need a knife.  I can't wait to work there again.


Special thanks to James Hodgins for the pic.


The next Bridal Show September 18 2011 at the Holiday Inn!

Details Coming Soon!  This is going to be big!