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This Is Why I Became An Officiant


I was so proud to be there for Hailey and Lyndsey Holder.  When we sat down for the first time you could tell they were already married in every sense but the legal one.  They fought like a couple that loved each other, teased each other but never to hurt and they sat together never touching but it was like they were holding hands.  If ever there was a couple that exemplified why marriage is alive and well Hailey and Lyndsey are it.  Below I've included a part of the ceremony I wrote for them which may be short but speaks volumes about a couple and the incredible future thaey have before them!

"Here are some facts you may not know about our couple.  Lyndsey “Linder Hosen’ Holder, born Feb 23 1987 and grew up in Sudbury.  She lists her childhood interests as reading,  TV movies and is a self described dork.  She graduate College Notre Dame in 2005 and then, later, Laurentian University as a nurse. One of her early jobs was at Harvey’s where her boss (or so she thought) was her future wife.  In fact the first impression was that her boss was kinda mean and didn’t know how to handle the breakfast crowd!

Hailey ‘Hail’ Dalaire born May 8th 1987 in Kapuskasing.  She’s a Northern girl and lists her childhood hobby as getting hurt, riding her bike with rollerblades on and cooking.  One of these things she has not given up.  She graduated Lo-Ellen Park in 2005 and also lists one of her first jobs as high volume culinary specialist.  Harvey’s!  She remembers Lyndsey working for her.  She didn’t listen very well.    When asked what she initially thought of the new employee she replied “Didn’t particularly like her, until I got to know her.”

They don’t remember when they started dating.  The first kiss is a secret.  They don’t even remember who said “I love you" first but Lyndsey is sure whomever said it first they made the other repeat it right back!  Hailey is pretty sure it was Lyndsey because ‘she’s the sappy one’.

And it was May of last year, in San Francisco, in what Lyndsey describes as the tackiest restaurant ever that they decided to get married right next to a waterfall, a fish tank and an animatronic gorilla.

Which leads us here today!"

Five minutes later, with a great deal of pride, I pronounced them married.