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Why It's the Bride's Day

This may come across as sexist.  A stereotype for certain but it seems to hold true.  The wedding is all about the Bride.

Often I get to tell the Love Story of a couple I'm dealing with and it fascinates me how much work some guys put into the engagement.   Plans may be elaborate but at the very least are filled with anxiety, nervousness and a sense of profound change on the part of the groom to be.  For a man the engagement is the moment of truth.  He has made his choice and it's a done deal.  Very seldom are they as nervous or wrapped up in plans for the wedding day as is the Bride.  Why?  Because guys base a large part of their self worth on what they do.

Women seem to base much of their self worth on the quality of their relationships.  Guys will never call each other just to talk or see how the other is doing.  Women seem to do this with certain regularity if my house is any indicator.  So if this is true and the reception is a celebration of a relationship and romance it leaves little wonder why the day seems to be weighted heavily towards her needs and wishes.

Any and smart man realizes early that a happy wife means a happy life.


Wow. Thank you.  

Rob is a mentor.  A guy I respect not only for his incredible success but for his willingness to give to others posted something nice.  Blowing one's own horn is considered impolite so it's a big pile of awesome others can do it for me.  I just have to live down reposting it!


I Love Hanging Out With Smart People!

Right now I am hanging out with one of Sudbury's best photographers Rob Provencher. You'll recognize his work scattered throughout this site. Rob was the first person to show me that it took more than a camera to make a photographer. A person goes into a store to buy a drill. Why? Did he want a drill? No. He wanted a hole. But he bought the drill to get the hole. The same holds true in weddings. Why is it that for most Brides a quickie wedding at the city hall licensing office isn't enough? She got her wedding. But is the wedding really what she wants? No. It's the benefits that come with that wedding: the emotions, the glamour, family....the list is endless. While the wedding is a feature most vendors in my circle are serving few enough are 'catering' Or have a thought to the way she wants to feel on that day. Back to Rob from Westmount Photography. Rob takes pictures that evoke an emotional reaction. It's an almost visceral feel looking at his pictures. When I went to him for some publicity shots I was dreading the experience. Seriously. Who likes looking at themselves in pictures? After the shoot with Rob I have to admit bing a little scared because had had me do some wacky things. But the pictures he gave me told the real me. At every wedding there is a family member that has a camera that is way to expensive and complicated and they fancy themselves a professional photographer. Guests assume this must be so because he has the right tools. But the hallmark of of a professional comes with the end product. The drill or the hole? The camera or the emotion? In my role as the entertainer or Officiant is it the songs or words said? Of course not. It's all about the memories made by using the right songs or delivering the words the right way. That's what makes me more than just a DJ and Rob more than just a photographer.

Advice from a Master

“Customer service is a currency in my mind and the defining factor as we emerge from this economic crisis. Those who focus on the customer experience and exceeded the expectation are the ones who will succeed.” — Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie is the source of amazing advice on creating truly unique and memorable evenings.  A couple of my friends have met him and found him equally gracious and engaging.  But for me it is the above quote that has become a goal and direction in my business.  The learning continues.

 Million Dollar Wedding



How to Make the Smart Decision

Ed Frank is a DJ and entertainer in Louisville Kentucky and owns Sound Entertainment.  Despite our many differences we became instant friends to the point that I was the Best Man at his wedding in Hawaii.  He asked a question on his facebook page that really made me think.  Ed does that alot.  hwe also got me really sick on something called soju but that's another story.

If you ever hired a DJ for an event, and you had a vision for your party that wasn't as grand as what the DJ saw for it, did you re-adjust that vision based on suggestions, stick to your plan, or did you let the DJ take over?

Allow me to change the focus of the question.

If you are going to hire a DJ/ Entertainer/Officiant and you had a vision for your wedding day that was grander than that of the person you are hiring why would you hire them let alone let them take over?




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