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The Best Thing to Happen to Science North

Last night we celebrated the marriage of Wynter and Tony Anzil and I must say I was a little nervous about it being the first run of the Restaurant Curious Thymes as caterer for the Inco Cavern at Science North.  There had to be some growing pains and if there were the guests never knew about it.

Vince, Chris and their staff pulled off probably the best level of service Science North has seen in a long time.  They overcame a new environement, a new Science North liason, absurd distance to the kitchen and a room that is known for a ridiculously short setup time to get high praise from the Bride and Groom.  Now I've been doing this a long time and participated in more than a hundred events there and was expecting some serious hiccups because catering really is hard.  The service was fast. The food was hot.  And the steak was so tender I didn't even need a knife.  I can't wait to work there again.


Special thanks to James Hodgins for the pic.


Have I Ever Mentioned...


I love my Job!

This couple was so cool, so calm and so in love.  James and Lianne Depatie got married, not because it was expected of them, but because they wanted to share what they were to each other.   This wasn't always the perspective that I had on weddings.  For years I used to watch weddings stumble along without direction so I began to include more and more planning for couples.  Then there was a limit to what I could do or was perceived to be able to do so I got my wedding planning certification.  The presentation now had added credibility to go with fifteen years as a radio DJ in Sudbury, Ottawa and Southern Ontario.  Years of training, seminars and industry conventions has furthered my training but in all that time the most important part of the Bride's day was still the Ceremony. 

And now, as a Humanist Officiant, I can also perform the ceremony.  That's me at the 'altar'!  It's an altogether different conversation when the guests see you first as the 'Minister' and then as the MC and DJ.  There is now a level of trust and confidence and even expectation that this day will be different than anything they have experienced before.  That's what I'm about and why I changed the name of the company to Absolute Weddings.  It is different.  I am not a DJ anymore, the music man or the guy who sits and drinks and plays music at someone else's wedding.  This day, your day, matters and is why I went through everything that has brought me this far.



The Words Every Bride and Groom Want to Hear

Tonight I performed for Jeff and Angele Mousseau's wedding reception.  A rockin' Grand Entrance filled with laughs, great flow, lots of tears and I couldn't keep them off the dance floor if I tried.  We even had to move tables because there just wasn't enough space!  But that wasn't the best part for me. 

When we go a wedding it's not for the bonbonierre gift, a great meal (Holiday Inn was excellent), or the open bar.  At least it shouldn't be.  It's for a shared moment to celebrate the most important validation two people could give each other.  And that's exactly what happed tonight.  The words matter.  They affirm not only the couple but the value of everyone in the room as we collectively acknowledge that it is we that decides we are important to one another.  We give each other value simply by professing it out loud.



The next Bridal Show September 18 2011 at the Holiday Inn!

Details Coming Soon!  This is going to be big! 


I Hate Most Bride Shows On TV But Not This One

I received a phone call from an American casting director because of my involvement in the wedding industry and want to pass along this amazing opportunity to brides in the Sudbury region. The only show that I still watch and like is Wedding SOS because it's real and doesn't overtake a Bride's day and after having a long talk with the director it feels the same. This one makes a positive change and isn't just someone's fifteen minutes of fame or a network's profit center.


A Compelling New Series Is Reaching Out To Former Brides AND Brides-To-Be Who Want To Reunite With An Estranged Loved One...

Have you and a family member been torn apart by a long-standing rift?

Have you gone years without speaking?

Are you a bride-to-be who wants to take the first step toward reconciling with an estranged family member before your big day?

Would you like to ask an estranged loved one to be there to support you on your wedding day?


Are you a former bride who felt the absence of your family member on your wedding day and you're finally ready to make amends?

Breakthrough Entertainment is currently casting a brand new series for a Major International Women’s Network. “Mending Fences” is a compelling one-hour documentary-style series that will be dedicated to working one-on-one with family members who desperately want to repair their broken relationships. We're reaching out to brides-to-be who would like to reconcile with an estranged loved one before the big day. We're also reaching out to former brides who did not have an estranged loved one at their wedding and would like to try and reconcile with them now. Family members will work with Janet Morrison, a well-respected and dedicated Family Mediator, who will be there to lend support, encourage honest conversation and ultimately, give family members the chance to reconcile and start again.

If you live anywhere within a two-hour flight of Toronto and want to learn more about this exciting opportunity, we want to hear from you! Please include a description of yourself, the family member with whom you’re feuding and the issues plaguing your relationship, along with a recent photo (don't forget your contact information!). This is a five-day (non-consecutive) filming commitment and participants must be willing to travel and share their stories on television. Each participant will receive a $3500 financial honorarium as a “thank you” for their time and commitment.

We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Danielle Gervais
Casting Director, Breakthrough Entertainment
Ph. 646.678.4999

If you want to know which 'major women's network' just call me and ask. It's not for public knowledge but it IS huge!