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Save the date! The Next bridal Show is September 18th at the Holiday Inn. 

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It's Sudbury's First Maggie Sottero Trunk Show!  We're joining the ranks of major markets across Canada getting a first look at the latest Maggie Sottero line not even in stores yet.  Two fashion shows at 1 and 3:30, two runways, two rooms and six hours for you to choose from over 40 vendors, ask questions and just be a bride planning a day that is an expression of who you are.  The vendors are signing up for what I know will be an amazing day.  EyeCandy Photobooth, Adoro Olive Oils and Vinegar, famous photographer Tony Ejem, Herbal Magic and a host of others have come on board as new vendors offering unique services, products and ideas to help you create a day that is fun, unique and memorable.  AbsoluteWeddings Bridal Shows have a reputation for being low-key affairs so you have time to plan and dream.  Subdued lighting, quiet music and helpful vendors willing to answer your questions are just some of the reasons why over the years thousands of brides have made AbsoluteWedding Bridal Shows the begining of their wedding day.

I'm especially proud of our charity this year.  It seems to me that those I work with in the local wedding industry have been struck by cancer.  Friends, colleagues and and even family have been struck by this cruel disease in alarming numbers.  This show the entire $5 admission price will go towards the Sudbury Chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society.  Local voluteers will be manning the registration desk and helping out with the show and there will even be some survivors on the catwalk.  A wedding is a celebration of something wonderful.  If one has risen to the challenge of beating cancer they deserve to be celebrated as well. 

So bring your friends, bridesmaids, parents and maybe even your groom!  Plan on spending a couple of hours to save you time, money and heartache.  There will be food, music and incredible fashion to kick off your wedding day planning.  Your wedding day starts September 18th 11AM at the Holiday Inn.  But don't forget to register.


Brett Culp, Celebrity Videographer

Brett Culp has a simple philosophy.  Everyone has a story to tell and the key to life is celebrating that story by sharing it with others.  What an amazing idea and so true!  A wedding is a benchmark in time that we express all that we have become and celebrate a greater future with a partner by your side.  It's both an expression and a memory of that expression. 

I have seen several of his videos and, while he may not even know where Sudbury is, his way of looking at weddings and the clients he serves is just as valid here. Like Mr. Culp I am passionate about telling the story of my clients which means I have the best job in the world!

My dream is to meet him someday and learn from his creative process but for now his philosophy should inspire everyone.  It's not just a wedding. It's you telling your story.


Clients Can Inspire Creativity


Carolyn and Scott Rivers were so cute and excited when we sat down for our first consultation January 27 2010, eighteen months before their wedding day.   They had seen me perform as a DJ and MC at weddings before and this always poses a challenge for me since I never want my clients to get someone else's wedding.  It's not about the music, lights or decor because those are really surface and don't say much about the couple at all.  So it has to be about the content and the content has to be about the Bride and Groom.  We took hours in consultations solving their issues, designing a two venue itinerary (Sudbury/Copper Cliff) and fantasizing about how the day would go.

While watching wedding videos one night on YouTube (I'm a serious wedding geek) the idea came to me to make a video using the song Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and to use the making of the video as a thread that runs the entire day.  It would become another tool we could use to motivate the guests and create a new atmosphere of creativity.  In other words we told everyone to be hams! 

I'll save the details for when the video is done but suffice to say this one will be hard to top.  The guests had been warned and they came prepared to celebrate! Let's just say the highlights included everyone dancing out of the ceremony, the Father of the Bride mixing behind my console and seeing the Bride on roller skates!

All of the above lead to one of the most amazing reviews I've ever received.  "Bill completely surpassed what we thought would be a great wedding day.  He made it so much more amazing that it could have possibly been. He helped plan out the entire day and added his own personal charm to everything he did! We did not have to worry about a thing as we knew that we could trust him to make everything perfect! However you want your day to turn out, just say the word; fun, romantic, relaxing and he will make your dreams come true! He truly cares about you both as a couple and wants to make sure that you feel like you are a guest at your own wedding! We can't thank you enough Bill!!!!!

A special thanks to John Robbie of JoRo Photography for capturing my relationship with this couple perfectly.


The Most Important Parts of the Reception

Jamil and Danielle Malakieh got married Saturday and I was proud to be a part of it.  Combining the cultural and entertainment needs of both French Canadians and Arab Canadians was a new one for me but the dance floor never emptied.  At the Bride's request the slow songs were kept to a minimum (I managed to squeak in two) on top of the First and Father/Daughter Dance.  Rarely do you see a group with so much energy!  Perhaps it was the inspiration of the Lebanese Belly Dancer Carina or the fact that the Bride never left the dance floor that kept them motivated but there were definitely some sore knees the next day myself included!

The picture above was taken at the Caruso Club about 12:30 nearing the end of the party.  It reminded me of something Dave Thomas from the Wendy's chain of restaurants said.  I'm paraphrasing but he said the two most important bites of any sandwich are the first and the last.  The first bite is the satiation of an expectation.  The last bite is the appreciation of a great meal and the promise of another. 

For a wedding reception it's the Grand Entrance that sets the stage.  It has everything to do with an expression of the couple and the guests realizing that this celebration is going to be different.  A great Entrance is a promise of more to come and sets the rules of decorum and level of energy.  It also raises the bar turning the evening into a real celebration instead of just a party.

The last bite of the Reception is the ending.  Finish strong either with energy or romance and sometimes both.  That means pacing the guests, creating flow with a valid plan and an experienced MC that keeps the guests informed about what is going to happen next or soon.  It all leads up to the ending that makes the entire day feel complete and satisfying with just a little regret that it's over.

A special thanks to Unforgettable Wedding's Amanda and Sean for an outstanding job of decorating the Caruso Club.


Being In the Moment

Art Linkletter used to have a TV show called "Kids Say the Darnedest Things". You never knew what they were going to say or do as he interviewed them. Even comedians have an axiom that calls for them never to follow a child on stage. But over the years I have found a simple solution to handling children at weddings and wedding receptions. In my role as an Officiant, MC, Wedding Planner or DJ the solution is the same: treat them with respect.

We can guide them into the direction we want with a gentle word or a quiet voice but when the moment comes like the above pictured Mikaela stay in control but let children be children. She wanted to sing so I let her have access to the mic knowing how laid back the Bride was. It was a great moment and got a little girl a standing ovation from the head table. A professional is in the moment and not caught up in the process which is why I let Mikaela sing. All the bits and routines could not equal the sincerity of a child and is a moment Wynter and her new husband will never forget.

A special thanks to Bernie Aho for another great picture!